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Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy

Annual Beta Mu Events:

Every fall our chapter participates in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Quincy, IL.  Each sister is encouraged to raise at least $100 in donations by decorating a 16.9 oz. water bottle and filling with dimes throughout the summer and first couple of months of fall.  In November, we turn in our donations and sign up to do the walk.  Our chapter has lots of fun walking together, and the fight to end Alzheimer’s hits close to home for many of our sisters.

We also replant a memorial garden on campus every spring.  Located between Clough Hall and the Quad, our garden is in the shape of a triangle, a sacred symbol of Sigma Kappa.  The garden was dedicated in memory of a fallen sister, Melissa Koontz, on November 1, 1990.  Our garden is very dear to our hearts as it is a physical reminder of the powerful mystic bond we share and how it has helped us and will continue to help us even after we leave Culver-Stockton.  Every spring we clean up around our little triangle, pull all the weeds and plant beautiful new flowers around the central plaque.  In addition to paying respect to all of the sisters we have lost, this event also falls under our philanthropy, Inherit the Earth.  For more information on sister Melissa Koontz and the memorial garden please email Paula Chapman, Vice President of Philanthropic Services, at


National Philanthropies:


Sigma Kappa Foundation- The Sigma Kappa Foundation creates opportunities and provides financial aid for leadership.  This includes funding scholarships and philanthropic initiatives.  On the chapter level, the Ultra Violet Campaign is the fundraising event geared towards the Sigma Kappa Foundation.  This campaign seeks to raise money and awareness for leadership opportunities in Sigma Kappa.

Inherit The Earth- This philanthropy seeks to improve the environment.  This is where we do things like campus-wide cleanups, planting our memorial garden, highway cleanups, etc.  Inherit the Earth also helps people learn their positive and negative impacts on their environment in an effort to change their habits so that they have a greater positive impact on the world around them.


Gerontology- Gerontology is the study of aging.  This philanthropy is geared towards research on aging and the needs of the elderly.  The elderly population is constantly increasing because of better health care and living situations.  The study of gerontology is crucial to the proper treatment of this population.  In addition, Sigma Kappa added an emphasis in Alzheimer’s research to this philanthropy in 1984.


Alzheimer’s Research/Walk to End Alzheimer’s- Alzheimer’s disease is a rapidly increasing risk to the elderly.  By emphasizing on Alzheimer’s research, Sigma Kappa has become a leading contributor to the prevention of this devastating disease.  Every year, Sigma Kappas across the U.S. raise thousands and thousands of dollars for Alzheimer’s research.  Sigma Kappas are also encouraged to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s every year.


Maine Sea Coast Mission- Sigma Kappa was founded in Maine, so it is only fitting that we have also established a philanthropy there.  This was our first national philanthropy, chosen in 1918.  The mission funds a Christmas Program that provides gifts and an emergency relief service that provides food, shelter, and other necessities all for families in need living on small islands of the coast of Maine.  There is also a scholarship program directed toward the educational needs of young men and women living on the islands.  

** To learn more about the wonderful philanthropies of Sigma Kappa visit and search ‘philanthropy’.**